When I was a boy, music was always played and deeply appreciated in my house and an insane variety of music was played on a daily basis – it wasn’t uncommon to hear disco, funk, new wave, rock or a ton of other things in my house. In particular, my mother has always been a huge fan of almost every sort of dance music, and in some way her tastes in dance music has rubbed off on me.

I had stumbled across the Soundcloud link for the Gothenburg, Sweden-based electronica act We Are Legends’ latest single “Deep In The City,” and it’s a slickly produced bit of house music with an incredibly infectious hook – the sort of hook that you play in your head for days on end afterward. 

The video takes some footage form what appears to be either an old children’s show or an old dance show – some of it is looped in perfect sync with the vocals. It’s surreal and very funny.