Chris Clark is a British electronic music artist and producer, who under the moniker of Clark has released critically applauded work which experiments with varying forms of degradation, decay and distortion and is based around techniques such as re-recording samples and placing them in entirely different environments – and it manages to create a new and unexpected texture to his sound. You can feel edges scrape and grind against each other like wallpaper over iron. 

His forthcoming self-titled album, slated for a November 4 release through Warp Records and Fontana North Distribution offers a subtle change of sonic direction for the renown electronic music artist – the album’s first single “Unfurla” reveals Clark’s turn for the more melodic as the song employs the use of piano, steel pan percussion and layers of cascading synths which evoke a sense of high drama in between the undulating sound. And it may arguably be one of Clark’s warmest, most textured work to date.  .