Live Footage: JOVM Mainstays LohArano Performs “Mangina” at Le Club Rodez

Antananarivo, Madagascar-based JOVM mainstays LohArano — Mahalia Ravoajanahary (vocals, guitar), Michael Raveloson (bass, vocals) and Natiana Randrianasoloson (drums, vocals) — formed over seven years ago. And since their formation they’ve developed a unique, boundary pushing sound that sees the band pairing elements of popular and beloved Malagasy musical styles like Tsapiky  and Salegy with heavy metal. 

LohArano’s sound and approach represents a bold generation of Malagasy young people that honors and respects the traditions and practices of their elders – but are also inspired by contemporary Western genres and styles.

Over the past few years, the Malagasy metal trio have been extremely busy:

  • Their self-titled EP featured “Tandrroka,” a mosh pit friendly ripper, featuring rumbling, down-tuned bass lines, thunderous drumming, scorching guitar riffs and Ravoajanahary’s feral Karen O-like vocals. 
  • They quickly followed up with their full-length debut LohAmboto, which featured the System of a Down-like album title track “LohAmboto,” another mosh-pit friendly ripper that saw the band gently refining and honing their sound.
  • The JOVM mainstays closed out last year with their first European tour — and it included a set at  Trans Musicales in Rennes, France, which the band filmed and released as a concert film. The concert film features their debut single Andrambavitany,” the aforementioned “Tandrroka” and “LohAmboto,” as well as material off their full-length debut performed with a feral intensity. 
  • This year, the Malagasy JOVM mainstays along with their label Libertalia Music released a five-song live EP recorded from their Trans Musicales set last year. The EP featured “Ts’Izy,” an explosive synthesis of metal, nu-metal and hip-hop that channeled Rage Against the Machine — but while being decidedly African.

During the band’s headlining European tour last year, the band stopped at Rodez, France-based Le Club Rodez, where they filmed live footage of the band performing “Mangina,” an expansive song centered around alternating quiet and loud sections. The quiet, dream-like sections featuring glistening guitars and Ravoajanahary’s plaintive delivery. The loud sections sees the band at their furious, mosh pit friendly ripping best. Structurally and sonically, “Mangina” sees the trio pairing shoegazer-influenced textures with Metallica-meets-punk rock riffage.