Mario Rdz is a producer and sound engineer, who has released 80s inspired synth-based dance pop under the moniker of That’s Nice since 2013. His latest single, “Holiday” featuring Miami Horror’s Josh Moriarty has blown up across the blogosphere as Rdz was Hype Machine‘s 9th most blogged about artist during the week of February 1st – February 7th, and the single has received praise from several blogs. And that’s not terribly surprising as the single is a comprised of Nile Rodgers-styled guitar, cascading synths and bright bursts of horns paired with Moriarty’s falsetto; in fact, the song sounds as though it were released sometime between 1983 and 1987. 

Keljet recently remixed That’s Nice’s “Holiday” and while the remix retains the cascading synths, bright bursts of horns, along with Moriarty’s falsetto; however, the remix does away with the Nile Rodgers-styled guitar licks but adds a more propulsive feel, which interestingly enough makes the remix sound like the New Jack Swing-inspired sound of French Horn Rebellion