New Video: Flossing (The Wants’ Heather Elle) Releases a Sultry and Unsettling Visual for “Switch”

Best known for being a member of New York-based band The Wants (f.k.a. BODEGA), Heather Elle steps out into the spotlight with her solo recording project Flossing. Elle’s Flossing debut, Queen of the Mall is slated for a September 10, 2021 release through Brace Yourself. Thematically, her work is a hedonistic siren call while presenting provocative ideas of identity and connection in a largely isolated and unhinged Western society.

Queen of the Mall’s first single “Switch” coincidentally serves as Elle’s debut single. Centered around a buoyant groove, skittering beats, brief bursts of guitar and ambient noise and wobbling synths, “Switch” finds Elle expressing a complicated and confusing array of emotions through cool insouciance, smutty double entendres and dark confessions while walking a tightrope of yearning, disgust, frustration and awe. But throughout, the song’s narrator recognizes the unique power in knowing when to dominate and when to submit — on their own terms and for their own needs.

Bonding over their mutual love of the visual work of The Cure, Oingo Boingo and Nine Inch Nails, Elle found a special creative kinship with director Devan Davies Woods and created a darkly seductive and uneasy visual that celebrates versatility while following a character, who’s no longer bothering to hide her conflicting and absurd true selves.