New Video: Queens’ ANI Shares Flirty and Summery Bop “Miss U”

Ani Djirdjirian is an emerging, Queens-born and-based, queer Armenian-American singer/songwriter, best known as ANI. Despite her training as a classical musician and vocalist, the Queens-born and-based artist’s work sees her seamlessly meshing elements of soul, pop, R&B and electronic music paired with earnest lyricism informed by her studies in social work and her desire for her work to be a conduit for listeners to explore their own emotions, embark on journeys of healing and rise above the limitations imposed by archaic perspectives.

For the Queens-born and-based Djirdjirian, she hopes to break down barriers and redefine norms of self-expression and resilience within both the music industry and Middle Eastern culture.

Released last month, Djirdjirian’s debut single “Miss U” is a slickly produced bit of thoughtful and coquettish Quiet Storm-inspired pop built around glistening synths, finger snap-led percussion, a supple yet subtle bass line and bursts of funk guitar paired with the Queens-born artist’s yearning delivery and a remarkably catchy, two-step inducing hook. Simply put, it’s the perfect song to play when you want to tell that love interest of yours how you feel — without being cringey. The song also reveals a budding superstar talent with an effortlessly soulful and dynamic range.

Shot at Rockaway Beach during Golden Hour, the accompanying video begins with the Queens-born artist sitting in a chair on the shore. She’s reminiscing about someone she really digs, who can’t be there at that moment. Throughout, Djirdjirian embodies the song’s flirtatious yet earnest nature.