New Video: The Dark, Fight Club-Inspired Video for Boys Noize’s “Overthrow”

Now, if you’ve been frequenting this site over the past few years, you’d be familiar with JOVM mainstay, the Berlin, Germany-based producer, electronic music artist, DJ and Boys Noize Records label head Alex Ridha, best known in electronic music circles as Boys Noize; in fact, his 2012 effort Out of the Black landed at number 8 on this site’s Best of List that year. Ridha has been rather prolific since the release of Out of the Black as he’s collaborated with mega-hit electronic music artist Skrillex, renowned pianist, composer, experimental pop artist and emcee Chilly Gonzalez among others — and along with that Boys Noize Records recently celebrated their tenth anniversary with collaborative efforts featuring the work of Tiga, Johnny Sack, Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursAtom TMPilo  SCNTST and others.


Building on his most recent successes Ridha recently released “Overthrow,” a single that reveals the German producer, electronic music artist and DJ has expanded upon his signature sound — glitchy samples, wobbling, tweeter and woofer rattling beats and bass, enormous drops are paired with industrial clang and clatter and ominously swirling electronics in a song that stomps, struts, swaggers and then throws haymakers, while reminding electronic music fans that Ridha may arguably be one of best and sadly under-appreciated electronic music artists and producers around.

The recently released music video co-produced by LIL INTERNET and Boys Noize is shot in a cinematic black and white and follows two rival crews as they prepare to violently clash, Fight Club-style in the night. It’s fittingly dark and aggressive. As LIL INTERNET explains about the video “There’s often more truth in contradictions than there are in one’s expectations. Some of the guys in this video really do span both of these backgrounds… I heard incredible stories. Don’t want to give it away, but this video is actually very real. Also I accidentally left the gun next to a dumpster behind the club.”