Throwback: Black History: Aretha Franklin

It’s the fourth day of Black History Month. I tend to use this time as a way to remind readers – and everyone else of a couple of important facts:

  • You can’t love Black artists and their work, and not see them as people 
  • Black lives — and Black art matters 
  • Black culture is American culture 

So as we go through the month, I’m going to talk about a collection of Black artists. It’ll be fairly comprehensive and eclectic list — although it won’t be a complete list. 

So far I’ve mentioned the following artists:

There’s one woman I need to mention — and I don’t have to say much about her, because y’all know everything about her: Aretha Franklin. Simply put, Franklin is arguably one of the greatest, most unique and most influential voices of recorded history. Her influence on music is towering and massive — and for good reason.