New Audio: El Dusty’s Swaggering New Single featuring Happy Colors and MLKMN


Horacio Olivera, is a Corpus Christi, TX-based producer, DJ and electronic music artist, best known as El Dusty, and over the years Olivera has developed a reputation as the pioneer of a revolutionary, new subgenre that he’s dubbed “nu-cumbria,” a genre which meshes contemporary electronic music production techniques with classic and traditional Latin music — usually in the form of chopped of samples from beloved and well-known songs.  Now, over the past few months I’ve written about “Cumbia Anthem,” a club-banging collaboration with Dominican twerk production Happy Colors. “Cumbia Anthem” meshed woofer and tweeter rattling 808s, tons of trap-inspired snare drum, and a glitchy and incredibly chopped up sample from Colombian cumbia star Andrés Landero’s “Bailando Cumbia.” Although it’s incredibly modern, it the track retains the sound and feel of a classic cumbia song – while being incredibly anthemic.”Orale,” the second single I wrote about was  slickly produced trap song with woofer and tweeter rattling bass, hard-hitting drums, stuttering drum programming, staccato synth stabs, airhorns and twinkling electronics that’s not just a marvel of modern production, it’s a song that possess an enormous, crowd rocking sound that’s both club and festival-friendly.

El Dusty’s latest single “We Out Chea!” continues the Corpus Christi-based producer, DJ and electronic music artist’s collaboration with Happy Colors and much like “Cumbia Anthem,” the track pairs tweeter and woofer rocking 808s with a chopped up cumbia sample with MLKMN‘s swaggering, Dirty South meets trap music flow; however, the song sonically speaking manages to adventurously mesh hip-hop, trap music, cumbia and electronic music in a way that feels familiar and yet alien. And from “We Out Chea!,” El Dusty further cements his burgeoning reputation as a producer the blogosphere needs to pay attention to, as few of his contemporaries have such an anthemic and genre-meshing sound.