New Audio: French Electronic Duo Nomenklatür Teams Up with Odge on a Dark and Seductive Banger

French electronic duo Nomenklatür — Olivier”Labinsect” Rossi and Olivier “Mitch” Brucker — have similar backgrounds as raver kids and DJs in the mid 90s: Brucker has long been influenced by EBM and industrial techno while Rossi is a product of the techno scene. The duo initially met at wolrld renowned Berlin-based nightclub Berghain; but they didn’t start collaborating together until 2005.

With Nomenklatür, Rossi and Brucker have displayed their seemingly undying devotion to synths of every era, both analog and digital while seamlessly fusing their influences and sounds into something completely new. Their first two releases, their self-released debut EP and their full-length debut Gift of Ages were released to critical applause. Gift of Ages hinted at their multifaceted sound: The album’s material featured elements of EBM, techno, tech-pop and New Wave.

The duo went on a wildly prolific period that saw them exploring techno and tech house rhythms without diverging from their influences. Through a series of EPs, remixes and albums, the duo began to explore the many nuances of techno, pushing the boundaries of the genre as far as they could. The duo expanded upon their profile in the electronic music scene with live shows at Parisian clubs like The Rex Club, Batofar, and La Machine du Moulin Rouge, and then to clubs in Belgium and Switzerland. They also had their work remixed by Kiko, David Carretta, and Commuter. And they collaborated with Montreal underground scene star Mimi.

The French duo began a decided focus on melody, bolstered by progressive production, which caught the attention of German label Beachcoma, who signed them and released an EP in 2020. During pandemic lockdowns last August, the duo remixed Odge’s “Sad Love Song,” which led to the singer/songwriter collaborating with the French production duo on their latest EP When The Wind Blows. Released earlier this month through Clivage Music, the EP’s material sees the duo drawing from Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, The Chemical Brothers, Plastikman, classic Detroit and Berlin techno, coldwave, ambient electronica and sci fi.

When The Wind Blows‘ latest single, EP title track “When The Wind Blows” is a slickly produced, propulsive and darkly seductive bit of house centered around scorching synth oscillation, skittering thump and Odge’s sultry delivery paired with razor sharp hooks. The end result is a song that sees the collaborators meshing elements of house music, industrial, techno. electro pop and goth into a certified club banger with a dreamy and uneasy quality.

Hi The Joy of Violent Movement, Nomenklatür will release its new EP in a week. Mysterious, intense and bewitching, this new project somewhere between electroclash, techno and synthpop let us into the hypnotic world of this french duo. The track When the Wind Blows is the first extract of this EP coming on October 18th and will be accompanied by a video clip. Do you think a relay of this release would be possible on your website? Cheers Tiphaine Citizen Records

New EP When The Wind Blows coming on October 18th on Clivage Music


The room was damp and hot, red-lit bodies swayed as if in a trance, strobe lights spattered… In this concrete domain the night continued, helmed by famous German label Ostgut, in the mythical place now known as… Berghain.