New Video: Enisa Shares World Cup-Inspired Anthem “Olé”

Rising Albanian-American, Brooklyn-born and-based singer/songwriter, pop artist Enisa is a first generation American, who has spent her whole life preparing for a career in music: Following her graduation from Edward R. Murrow High School, Enisa went on to attend Brooklyn College, where she further honed her sound — a sound that sees her meshing contemporary soul pop with Balkan and Middle Eastern flourishes and a touch of Europop. 

The Brooklyn-based artist released a series of distinct covers, which went viral while earning critical acclaim from ComplexXXLThisSongIsSick and more. Building upon a growing profile, singles like “Burn This Bridge” and “Wait for Love,” and a guest spot on Scridge and Glenda’s viral smash “Karma (Remix)” amassed over 16 million views and over 3 million streams globally.

Last year was a big year for the rising Brooklyn-based artist: She appeared on the cover of Out Now and made her debut live performances as S.O.B.’s and Sacramento’s Lost In Riddim Festival. She closed out the year amassing over 8 million total followers globally — with 3.8 million on TikTok and over one million YouTube subscribers. 

Earlier this year, Enisa released the Fake Love EP, an effort that she describes as “empowering” and “authentic” and features “Tears Hit The Ground and “One Thing.” She also made her television debut on NBC’s American Song Contest, representing her home state of New York. Since then she has over 41 million streams globally and more than 198 million total video views — with her material topping the charts in Nigeria, Gambia, Portugal, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Sri Lanka, India and more. 

Building upon growing momentum, the rising Brooklyn-born and-based artist released the Enisa and Space Primates (Marc Sibley and Nathan Cunningham) co-written “Just A Kiss (Muah),” a sultry. club and radio friendly banger, centered around tweeter and woofer rattling thump, bursts of strummed guitar and glistening synth arpeggios and a slick string section and melodic nod to Tarkan’s “Kiss Kiss,” a crowd-pleasing banger over in Turkey. Enisa’s sultry come-hither vocals effortlessly glide over the dance floor friendly, genre-defying production. If there’s one thing to say about the track it’s this: Enisa is about to be a breakout star — and real soon.

“I grew up loving music from all around the world and this one track by Tarkan had a chorus melody that always randomly played through my head growing up, so I knew one day I wanted to put it in a song but make a whole new version with a different concept!” Enisa explains. “I went to the studio with that song in mind and created ‘Just a Kiss (Muah).’ I’d love for the new generation to listen to my song and feel the same way I did with the Tarkan one. “‘Just a Kiss (Muah)’ is about the fun of being a tease when it comes to dating & knowing you have the power to say yes or no! I wanted to make a really catchy, fun, lighthearted song that people can dance to, that also has the element of nostalgia!”

Enisa’s latest single, the Carmen Reece co-written “Olé” continues a remarkable run of crowd-pleasing bangers, rooted in enormous, slick, modern production: With “Olé,” the Brooklyn-born and based artist’s self-assured vocal confidently glides over a sleek production featuring skittering trap and reggaeton-like beats, glistening synths, melodic nods to Middle Eastern music and her knack for anthemic hooks.

“I wrote ‘Olè’ to give myself a self-confidence anthem that I needed at the time,” Enisa explains. “I wrote this song with the World Cup in mind as well, when I closed my eyes, I pictured people all around the world singing the chorus and shouting ‘OLÈ.’ I’m so happy people were loving the short snippet I posted, so I had no choice but to give you guys the whole song finally! What better time to have this song out, while the World Cup is heating up! I hope you love this song & I hope the lyrics hit your heart. Love you all & thanks for the support. OLÉ!”

Fittingly, the accompanying video is World Cup-themed. We see Enisa at Brooklyn Bridge Park’s soccer field wearing the uniforms of several World Cup nations — in particular Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, and the USA. We also see locals playing soccer in the park, in between footage of the rising Brooklyn-based artist rocking out.