New Video: Plumes Shares a Gorgeous Visual and Single

Veronica Charnley is an acclaimed Montreal-born Paris-based singer/songwriter and guitarist, who is best known as the creative mastermind behind Plumes, a solo recording project that draws from contemporary pop and classical music techniques through critically applauded albums, including her most recent effort, 2019’s Oh Orwell.

Charnley’s latest Plumes single, the breathtakingly beautiful and mournful “When I Walk In” features Charnley’s achingly plaintive and yearning vocals accompanied by an expressive, classical-leaning arrangement inspired by French composer Erik Satie that features equally gorgeous piano by Parisian pianist Manuel Peskine and expressive viola by Canadian violist Jennifer Thiessen.

Directed by Canadian filmmaker Pixie Cram, the equally mournful and cinematic visual for “When I Walk In” features some gorgeous images of the Grand Canyon and its environs split with footage of Charnley on the phone. The visual has a nostalgic weight to it, as it captures fleeting moments of profound beauty and loneliness.

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