New Video: Rising French Artist Gaumar Shares a Defiant, Feminist Anthem

Gaumar is a nomadic French singer/songwriter, who started her career as the eldest of a sibling group that toured across France. After graduating from the Cours Florent Music School, the young and rising French artist released her full-length debut in 2019, an album that received attention and praise from its songwriting, which saw her meshing elements of contemporary pop, hip-hop and French chanson.

Her debut album also featured “Yellow,” a song that won the audience award at the Festival du Clip Emergent de Lyon. She then signed a contract with Live Nation. Adding to growing profile, she has opened for Deluxe, Jessy J. Hall and Oates, L.E.J., Patrick Bruel, and a lengthy list of others.

The young and rising French artist’s latest single “Follow” is a slickly produced bop featuring glistening synths, a woozy bass line and skittering trap beats paired with an anthemic, sing-along worthy hook. The production serves as a silky bed for Guamar’s boldly, self-assured delivery, which sees her alternating between spitting fiery, staccato bars in French and sultry, pop hooks in English.

But at its core, the song is a defiantly feminist tribute to all women — in particular, a mother, sister, friend or even better half, who can guide you, accompany you, hold your hand through the difficult times or with a simple look can make you understand that everything has a meaning. As the French artist explains, the song is inspired by strong personal experience, and yet is rooted in universal experience.

Directed by Théo Massart and Joshua Gopee, the accompanying video for “Follow” is an incredibly cinematic visual that follows the young and rising French artist trekking through a difficult pass in the French mountains by herself. Essentially, the French artist forging a path for herself — and in turn, for others.