New Video: Sunvizor’s Joy.D releases a Sultry New Single and Visual

Born in the East African French overseas department of La Réunion Island, located just east of Madagascar and 109 miles southwest of the Republic of Mauritius, the French-based singner/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Joy.D, started her music career with a five year stint in the French reggae act The Sunvizors, an act that played over 300 concerts in France and across tree world — and released two full-length albums.

With the forthcoming release of her Olivier Leducq-produced, full-length debut, the La Réunion Island-born, French-based artist steps out into her own — but with a backing band featuring some of her Sunvizor bandmates. Inspired by the likes of Etta James, Brittany Howard, Selah Sue, and Ayo, Joy.D’s 12 song full-length album thematically touches upon strength and weakness, plain and pleasure, sadness and joy.

“Say It To Me,” Joy.D’s solo debut single — and the album’s first single is vibey track centered around a sinuous bass line, shimmering keys, stuttering drumming, an infectious hook and Joy.D’s sultry vocals to create a plaintive and sultry plea for love and attention that’s all too human.

Naturally, the recently released video is an incredibly sensual visual that follows Joy.D and a date meet at a bar, have a few drinks and their entire interaction is punctuated with a smoldering lust, need and desire. On top on that of that, the visual is defiantly and unapologetically queer.