The Brighton, UK-based electro pop quintet Fickle Friends, which consists of of Natassja Shiner,  Sam Morris, Harry Herrington, Chris Hall and Jack Wilson, have been blowing up internationally across the blogosphere, as their latest single “For You” quickly climbed up Hype Machine’s charts to become the #1 Most Blogged Artist — without the single actually being available in the US until Ghost Beach signed them to his new label, Crazy Heart Records.

Interestingly, the single possess a slickly produced synth pop sound that bears an uncanny resemblance to the the likes of St. Lucia and Haerts – in other words, soaring, anthemic pop with an infectious hook and plaintively earnest vocals. 

Ghost Beach’s remix turns the song into a club-banging, incredibly sensual house music track, complete with a gauzy layers of cascading synths, propulsive bass, swirling electronics paired with the same plaintively earnest vocals. If I were  DJ, I’d find a way to play this song during a set to get everyone up and sweating – hell, I bet after listening to this remix, you’ll be up and sweating!