New Video: Majid Jordan’s New Video Cements The Duo’s Reputation For Slick and Seductive Visuals


Over the past couple of years, the Toronto, ON-based electro pop production and artist duo Majid Jordan have had a rapidly growing international profile — before the release of their A Place Like This EP and the recent release of their self-titled full-length debut, the duo was best known for collaborating with Drake, on his mega-hit single “Hold On, We’re Going Home.”

Also during that period, the Canadian electronic music and production duo became JOVM mainstays with the release of “Her” and “Forever,” both of which paired contemporary R&B with house music in a fashion similar to the work of Beacon, Wolkoff, and others. And if you’ve been frequenting this site over the past couple of months, you’d recall that I wrote about “Something About You,” the first single (and video) off the duo’s recently released full-length album. That single was a thumping house music-leaning pop sound which had the duo pairing plaintive falsetto vocals with driving and hard-hitting drum programming, distorted vocal samples, swirling electronics, twinkling and shimmering synths in a slickly produced, dance-floor ready pop confection.

“Learn From Each Other,” the duo’s second and latest single off their self-titled debut will further cement their reputation for slickly produced, dance-floor ready pop confections as duo pairs tweeter and woofer rattling beats, electronic bloops, bleeps, shimmering and undulating synths with soulful falsetto vocals in a song that’s not just club-friendly but thematically focuses on the sort of things that Beacon’s work does — the strange ambivalence our relationships can sometimes engender; how other people can sometimes be heaven and hell simultaneously; the endless confusion between lust and love; how one’s dysfunctions and neuroses can be made worse with someone; and in the case of this particular song, that relationships — no matter what — are two way streets, in which both people have to learn from each other to make a relationship successful.

The recently released video will also further cement the duo’s reputation for slick, noir-like videos and in this case, the video follows an awkward love triangle with a sweaty, uncomfortable urgency.