New Video: JOVM Mainstay Thaïs Shares a Glistening New Bop

Rising Montreal-based singer/songwriter and JOVM mainstay Thaïs specializes in an atmospheric and delicate take on pop centered around the French Canadian artist’s ethereal vocals. Thematically her work focuses on melancholy, loneliness and dysfunctional, confusing, heartbreaking love.

Last year’s Paradis Artificiels EP featured two tracks I wrote about:

  • Boreal,” a track inspired by a trip she took to Iceland that evoked the awe-inspiring sense of being in a gorgeous, natural beauty and taking it all in deeply
  • Sushi Solitude,” an atmospheric and delicate bit of synth pop that brought Washed Out to mind. 

2022 has been a big year for the Montreal-based JOVM mainstay: Earlier this year, Thaïs signed to Bravo Musique, who will be releasing her newest EP Tout est parfait: acte un on May 6, 2022.

Tout est parfait: acte un will feature “Arrête de danser,” a slickly produced bop centered around glistening and atmospheric synth arpeggios and trap beats that saw the rising French Canadian artist alternating between a syncopated trap-like flow for the song’s verses and ethereal cooing for the song’s hook and choruses. And while arguably being one of her most club friendly songs, “Arrête de danser” is a bitter tell-off to an unhealthy, dysfunctional lover that the song’s narrator knows deep down is wrong for her — and yet can’t quite quit.

The EP’s second and latest single, the Coeur de Pirate co-written, Renaud Bastien-produced “Vieux Port,” continues a run of danceable and seemingly upbeat bops featuring wobbling bass synth, glistening and arpeggiated synth melodies, twinkling keys, some brief bursts of industrial clang and clatter and soaring strings paired with Thaïs ethereal cooing. But just underneath the surface is a song that details a relationship that’s seemingly on the ropes while contemplating the passing of time and the desire to turn the clock back — with the knowledge you have now.

Directed by Jeanne Joly, the accompanying video for “Vieux Port” is a stylistically shot visual that features the Montreal-based JOVM in an art covered room creating her own art and dancing expressively.